The government is giving a grant of Rs 25,000 to buy a desi cow for natural farming.

Grant Scheme for Natural Farming

The government is running many schemes in the country to increase the income of farmers and reduce the cost of farming. This includes natural farming. As organic farming provides quality products, farmers also get better profits by getting better prices for their produce. To encourage farmers to adopt organic farming, the government provides training to farmers as well as huge subsidies for cows and other inputs.

The Haryana government has implemented organic farming schemes to protect soil health from degradation and discourage the use of hazardous pesticides. For this, the government has set a target of natural farming in 20 thousand acres of land in the year 2023-24. Under the project, agriculture will be done on 16 thousand acres of land and horticulture will be done on 4 thousand acres of land.

Grants are being given to farmers for organic farming

To encourage farmers under the Natural Farming Scheme, a grant of Rs 3000 will be given to buy 4 drums. Also, a subsidy of Rs 25,000 will be provided to the farmer for purchasing a desi cow. Apart from this, provision has been made to provide incentives in branding and packaging of natural agricultural products.

A nature portal has also been launched in the state to connect farmers with the scheme. So far, 9169 farmers have registered on the portal and shown interest in joining the scheme.

Farmers are being trained

The government is providing grants as well as training to farmers to encourage organic farming. NFTI, Gurukul Kurukshetra is already imparting natural farming training in the state and training has started from April 15, 2023 at Natural Farming Horticulture Training Center Mangiana, Sirsa. Agriculture Department has till now 9238 participants (129 Progressive Farmers, 611 Young Farmers, 362 Women Farmers, 6234 Sarpanchs and Ex-Sarpanchs, 294 Horticulturalists, 1608 Officials and State/Other State farmers have been trained.

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