The government is subsidizing up to 80 percent on agricultural equipment suitable for crop residues.

Subsidy on agricultural equipment for crop residue management

The government is encouraging the use of agricultural machinery for the modernization of agriculture in the country. So that more and more farmers can use these agricultural implements, the government also provides huge subsidies on the purchase of these agricultural implements. In this context, Bihar government is providing huge subsidy to the farmers of the state on agricultural implements suitable for crop residue management.

In view of paddy harvesting, Bihar Agriculture Department Secretary Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal appealed to the farmers to handle paddy straw, chaff etc properly without burning it. Government is providing huge subsidy for crop residue management to facilitate the farmers. He also informed about the damage caused by burning the crop residue.

There is a huge damage to the environment

Giving information on this, the chief secretary said that due to shortage of labour, farmers in most districts, especially in Patna and Magadha divisions, harvest paddy with combine harvesters. After harvesting, most of the rice stalks are left on the ground. In the rush to plant the next crop, these crop residues are usually burnt in the field by the farmer brothers and sisters.

He said burning of one ton of crop residue releases about 60 kg of carbon monoxide, 1,460 kg of carbon dioxide and 2 kg of sulfur dioxide gas into the atmosphere, causing huge damage to the environment.

These agricultural inputs are being subsidized

The Agriculture Secretary said that under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme, the government will provide farmers with agricultural equipment related to crop residue management such as Happy Seeder, Rotary Mulcher, Straw Baler, Super Seeder, Straw Management System (SMS), Rotary Slasher, Zero Tillage/Seeder.-75 to 80 Percentage subsidy is being given on agricultural machinery like fertilizers, paddy straw chopper etc.

He appealed to the farmer brothers and sisters of the state to mix the crop residue with the soil instead of burning it or make vermicompost from it or cultivate it using mulching method. This will lead to better soil health and higher crop quality and production, which will increase farmers’ income.

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