The government will give a subsidy of Rs 10 per liter to those opening mini dairies with loans.

Antyodaya Dairy Production Cooperative Promotion Scheme

Apart from being a good source of employment in rural areas, animal husbandry is also a good source of daily income for farmers. Considering the importance of animal husbandry, the government has started new initiatives in this sector.,Starting a new plan. In this context, the Haryana government has launched a new scheme for dairy farmers taking bank loans. ,Chief Minister Antyoday Dairy Production Cooperative Promotion Scheme, has begun.

Haryana Govt 9 District Colonel on the occasion of the anniversary 2 The Union Home Minister Dr. Antyoday Mahasammelan held in November 5 Launched new welfare schemes. This also includes the Chief Minister Antyodaya Dairy Production Cooperative Incentive Scheme for farmers to open dairies for rearing animals.

What is Chief Minister Antyodaya Dairy Production Cooperative Promotion Scheme?

During the Antyodaya Mahasammelan, Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched the Chief Minister Antyodaya Milk Production Cooperative Promotion Scheme. Under this scheme those Antyodaya families will be encouraged., Those who want to open mini dairy with loan. When such households sell milk to the milk union, they will be entitled to milk at the co-operative union’s price per liter for one year. 10 More money will be given.

Let us tell you 2 In November, Union Cooperation Minister Amit Shah addressed the Antyodaya Mahasammelan in Haryana. 5 Start planning. In this chief ministerial pilgrimage plan, Ayushman Bharat Chirayu Yojana, Haryana Income Enhancement Board, Chief Minister Antyodaya Dairy Production Cooperative Promotion Scheme and happy That means Haryana Antyodaya Family Transport Scheme is included.

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