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How to check second hand original or fake: If you are thinking of buying old and second hand mobile phones, there are many things you need to keep in mind. Even a small mistake can lead to the police. There are many fraudsters in the market who steal other people’s mobile phones and sell them to others at low prices. In such a situation, one needs to be very careful before buying an old phone. Here we are telling you about a trick with which you can extract old phone details and find out if the device is stolen or not.

Firstly, IMEI number of any mobile phone is very important. Only with this IMEI number can you know about the phone you want to buy. To check if the IMEI number is valid, you can visit the official website of CEIR-

IMEI number is real or fake? (How to check second hand genuine or fake)

To check the IMEI number visit Department of Telecommunication site

After that login with mobile number and OTP.

After login, enter phone’s IMEI number and check.

If your phone’s IMEI number is blocked, it means your phone is stolen.

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How to block stolen phone IMEI number? (How to Block IMEI Number)

You can block IMEI number of your phone if your mobile phone is stolen. To block IMEI number you need to submit a request on CEIR website. To submit a request, you need to fill an online form and attach a copy of the police complaint to it.

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