The President launched the fourth agricultural road map, the government will increase the income of farmers by Rs 1 lakh 62 thousand crore

Fourth Agriculture Road Map 2023-28

Many efforts are being made by the government to increase the income of the farmers of the country. In this context, Bihar Government has launched the fourth Agriculture Road Map after successful implementation of three Agriculture Road Maps in the state. 18 4th Agriculture Road Map from Bapu Auditorium at Samrat Ashoka Convention Center on Oct. 2023-28 It was inaugurated by the President of the country Mrs. Draupadi Murmu. On this occasion, the President inaugurated the fourth agricultural road map by unveiling a stone slab through remote.

On the occasion, the President said that agriculture is an important part of Bihar’s folk culture and the mainstay of Bihar’s economy. Agriculture and allied sectors not only provide employment to nearly half of the workers in the state, Rather, they also contribute significantly to the state’s GDP., Therefore overall development of agriculture sector is very important. Bihar Govt informed them 2008 Implementation from the agricultural road map.

He said that the implementation of the last three agricultural road maps has increased the production of paddy in the state., Wheat and maize productivity almost doubled. mushroom, honey, Bihar is far ahead of other states in the production of food and fish. He said that launching the fourth agricultural road map is an important step., which will help advance this effort.

Farmers have recorded record yields in paddy and potato production

On this occasion Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar said that the farmers have benefited a lot from Bihar’s Agriculture Road Map. the rice, corn, Production and productivity of wheat and potato increased. year 2011-12 In 2017, a farmer in Nalanda surpassed China to produce the highest amount of paddy per hectare. Earlier the record per hectare was held by China. The village in Nalanda district also holds a world record for potato production. year 2012 from the year 2017 Results of the work done under the second agricultural road map so far, vegetables, the milk, Egg and fish production has increased significantly. Farmers have greatly benefited from the increase in productivity.

year 2017 from the year 2022 So far the works under the third agricultural road map have been fixed but its period has been extended by one year. 2023 done up to Work on the fourth roadmap has started from today regarding the rest of the work and further expansion of the work. Under this, work will be done quickly so that the farmers benefit. He said that the production of fish in Bihar has now increased two and a half times. Now Bihar does not have to bring fish from outside.

Animal husbandry will be promoted in the fourth agricultural road map.

The Chief Minister said that besides agriculture in the fourth agriculture road map,Besides, proper care of animals has also been arranged. everyone 8 from 10 A veterinary hospital is being opened in the panchayat so that the animals get proper care and treatment. A large part of North Bihar is Chaur region 9 Water is applied throughout the month. 9 The area is spread over millions of hectares of land. Under the Agriculture Road Map, viz 6 This scheme has been started for districts. If done well under the fourth agricultural road map, the income of the farmers will increase.

These are the special features of the fourth agricultural road map.

We tell you that the Cabinet to meet the goals of the 4th Agriculture Road Map 1 million 62 1000 crore sanctioned. In Bihar 75 Agriculture is the basis of livelihood of 90% people. This will not only increase production and productivity, but also increase farmers’ income. The salient features of the IV Agriculture Road Map are as follows:,

  • Dal,Cultivation of oilseeds and coarse grains will be promoted,
  • 4.80 Lakh pump sets will be given free electricity connection,
  • In agricultural feeders 31078 Transformer will be distributed,
  • All of the state 54 Market committee and rural heating will be modern,
  • Directorate of Agricultural Marketing will be established,
  • 534 Mobile Veterinary Unit will work,
  • 101 Animal hospital will be opened,
  • A new dairy factory will be opened in Gopalganj.

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