There will be no electricity from 9:30 tonight! …and the bank account was empty

Online Electricity Bill Scam: If one day a message comes from an unknown number and says “Dear customer, your electricity connection will be cut off at 9.30 tonight. You must be nervous reading this. One such scam is spreading fast these days. First it says your last month’s bill. Not updated. Due to your power cut, please contact our electricity officer immediately at 82603XXX42. Thanks.” If you also get such messages, be alert immediately and do not call this number by mistake.

What are online electricity bill scams?

Many mobile users across the country are getting such messages. In such online scammers, the scammers send fake text messages that may appear to be sent by the government electricity department. These messages complain that the recipient has not yet paid the bill and also threaten to disconnect the electricity connection. Because of which, without thinking, many times a person rushes to pay and gets caught in this scam and loses his hard earned money.

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Recently, a similar incident came to light where the victim said that he first received a call from a man claiming to be an electricity department official. The caller informed them that their electricity bill was due and that their electricity connection would be disconnected if it was not paid immediately.

When the victim asks when the bill will be paid, the caller sends him a link to download the TeamViewer Quick Support mobile app. As soon as the victim downloaded the app, the fraudster accessed his bank account and transferred all his money, a total of Rs 4.9 lakh, to his account.

How to keep yourself safe?

Be wary of any such messages as much as possible. If you receive a text message or email claiming that your electricity bill is overdue, do not reply or click on any links. Instead, first contact your electricity supplier directly using the phone number or website listed on your bill.

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