These fitness bands are getting bumper discounts of up to 80% off, check prices before buying.

Amazon Sale Offers: At one time, fitness bands were used to accomplish basic tasks like counting steps with a pedometer. However, now with the changing technology, they have started coming up with many amazing features. Fitness bands are no longer limited to just counting steps but now you can monitor calories burned and heart rate during the day. Apart from this, you can also calculate the distance covered in a day with them. You can now buy them at a very low price during the Amazon sale On some, the company is offering bumper discounts of up to 80%. Know all about our details.

SNOOZEHUB ID115 Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Band Watch

SNOOZEHUB’s ID115 Bluetooth Smart Watch is one of the best fitness bands available now at a very low price during Amazon Sale 2023. This smart fitness band with heart rate sensor, sleep monitor and calorie counter is your best workout partner. It also supports call notifications, making it best for fitness and everyday use You can use it on both Android and iOS devices. It is a unisex smart band which is best for everyone. This time you can grab it for Rs 599.

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Drumstone Smart Fitness Band M10 Light Band Bracelet/Fitband

Drumstone Smart Fitness Band M10 Lite comes with many features that make it a great companion during workouts. It is currently available at a significantly reduced price during the Amazon Sale 2023. This smart band is equipped with heart rate sensor, activity record, sleep monitor and many other great features. It even has a calling function, so you can make calls and messages. It can be used on any smartphone. Talking about the price, you can buy it for Rs.995.

Wellon Smart Band M4 – Fitness Band

Wellon Smart Band M4 is a great fitness tracker with a 1.1 inch color display. It is available at a much lower price during Amazon Sale 2023. It comes with all-day activity tracking, including steps, distance, calories burned and more. This fitness band connects to your smartphone via app and Bluetooth. With a comfortable and lightweight design, it is the best option for fitness lovers. Talking about the price, you can buy it for Rs.549.

Sonata Gold Smart Band Wireless Sweatproof Fitness Band

Sonata Gold Smart Band is the best fitness tracker equipped with many great features. During Amazon Sale 2023, it is available at a very cheap price. You will get many features like step counting, activity tracking and heart rate monitoring. You can connect it to your phone using the app. Talking about the price, you can buy it for Rs.999.

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