This e-tractor will save the farmer brothers from diesel consumption and pollution.

Farmer friendly tractors will now run on electric batteries to save farmer friends from the burden of diesel consumption. Yes, today we will give you information about Electric Tractors of International Tractors Limited (ITPL) ITPL E-Tractors.

In India, the government is constantly trying to equip cars and buses with electric scooters to run on batteries. The main reason for this is the reduced exploitation of the limited natural resources of oil. Besides, a new dimension of power has to be established in India. We tell you that there are many such innovations in the agriculture sector as well. Agricultural machinery have been developed, including agricultural drones, grass cutters, etc. But, due to the development of agricultural technology, the tractor that is called the farmer’s friend will also run on electric batteries instead of diesel.

Actually, we are talking about ITPL e-Tractor, the electric tractor from International Tractors Limited (ITPL). The company has launched this tractor in 2023. Further in this article we will give you information about tractor prices and features.

Some Key Features of ITPL E-Tractor

Talking about the features of ITPL e-tractors, its top speed is 30 km/h. This tractor runs about 100 km on a single charge. It has an output of 35 horse power. It can generate 300 NM of torque.

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What is the price of ITPL e-tractor?

This tractor is designed according to the convenience of farmers. By installing it in the field, farmers can easily carry out various types of commercial work. Also, if we talk about its price, it is set between 3 to 5 lakhs in the market. Farmers will get rid of various problems. Besides, the farmers will also spend less on its maintenance.

What are the advantages of ITPL e-tractor?

  • Get rid of indiscriminate diesel usage and expense
  • Less cost and more work
  • Complete freedom from pollution
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Assistant in domestic and business work

This tractor will prove to be a milestone in the future

As the agriculture sector reaches new heights, this tractor is going to be very useful in the present as well as in the future. These tractors will naturally replace petrol and diesel all over the world including India. This is because they are electrically powered. It has become the first choice of farmers due to its low maintenance cost and ease of handling.

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Grants are also given to encourage e-tractors

For your information, we tell you that if a farmer wants to buy such an e-tractor, first of all it is very important for him to have the information regarding the grant received under the scheme issued by the government. Currently many state governments are also providing grant funds for purchase of e-tractors. It should be purchased only after collecting information from your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra or other government agriculture department.

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