Two new varieties approved to increase potato production, know what are the special features

New variety of potato approved

Agricultural universities are continuously developing new varieties of crops to increase the production and productivity of various crops in the country. In continuation of this, two new potato varieties MSP/16-307 and Kufri Kumthi were approved in a three-day workshop held on October 18 in the Potato Research Project. Both these varieties have been developed to give higher yields.

On the third and final day of the three-day workshop of the 41st All India Integrated Potato Research Project organized at Chowdhury Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana, two new varieties of potato were approved for cultivation in different areas. the country

What is the specialty of this new variety of potatoes?

Potatoes of MSP/16-307 and Kufri Sukhti are high yielding and have high storage capacity. The specialty of MSP/16-307 variety is that its potato and anus are purple in color and it is ready for digging in 90 days, whereas Kufri Sukyati variety is ready for digging in only 75 days. Scientists have recommended the release of these varieties for the northern, central and eastern plains of the country.

In various sessions organized during the workshop, scientists from 25 All India Integrated Potato Research Project Centers in various states of the country brainstormed on innovation related issues including potato production enhancement, improved varieties, storage, food security.

To improve production and productivity

Assistant Director General (Fruits-Vegetables-Spices and Medicinal Plants) Dr Sudhakar Pandey while addressing the scientists on the occasion emphasized on increasing the share of Indian varieties in potato processing in India. He said proper biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, forecasting models and improvement of production and productivity under climate change conditions are essential in potato research.

He said, the production can be improved by reducing the production gap by applying new crop quality and production technology. The assistant director called for prioritizing seed production to reduce the need for quality seed potatoes in different regions of the country and engaging in innovation to increase potato production.

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