Under the animal shed project, 1 lakh 59 thousand animal sheds have been constructed so far.

Animal Shed Construction Scheme under MNREGA

Our country is an agricultural country, where most of the farmers also rear livestock, which is also an additional source of their income. Keeping this in mind, the government is encouraging animal husbandry. For this, the government is running many schemes to encourage animal farmers. In this context, the government has linked animal husbandry to MNREGA. Through which farmers can easily build animal sheds for their animals at low cost.

Government of Uttar Pradesh is running Animal Shed Scheme under Monrega to increase the income of animal farmers. Under this scheme, construction of animal shelter sheds is being done on the own land of people rearing animals through Monrega. Under this scheme, various animal related facilities like sheds, urinal tanks, mangers etc. are being constructed for pets under MNREGA on farmers own land.

What is Animal Shed Scheme under MNREGA?

The main objective of the Animal Shed Construction Scheme is to help those farmers/livestock rearers whose sole source of income is animal husbandry. Animal farmers are benefiting directly due to the construction of animal sheds. Cattle are usually housed in shelters with uncultivated land. As the land is raw, it becomes dirty with animal dung, urine and water. Villages become muddy, especially during the monsoons, causing infectious diseases to animals and causing financial loss to farmers.

To get rid of this problem, under the Animal Shed Scheme, animal shelters are made permanent to the eligible beneficiaries. With its help dung and urine can also be collected well. Cleaning shelters also helps protect livestock from infectious diseases. In such a situation animal farmers can increase their income by producing good milk.

More than 1 lakh 59 thousand animal sheds have been constructed

Construction of cattle sheds is in progress in Uttar Pradesh. Construction of private and community animal sheds is being undertaken under Monrega. Talking about private and community animal sheds in 75 districts of the state, their number has reached around 1 lakh 59 thousand from the financial year 2018-19. Out of which the number of communal animal sheds is approximately 4523 and the number of individual animal sheds is more than 1 lakh 54 thousand.

As per the guidelines set by MNREGA, construction of animal sheds is being done by job card holders. The floor of the shelter is made of cement and concrete. A manger and urinal tank are also constructed. Rural Development Commissioner G.S. Priyadarshi said that animal shed project of MNREGA is one of our priorities.

The objective of this scheme is to protect cattle from sun, rain and infectious diseases and to increase the income of animal farmers. Interested persons can get more information and benefits of the scheme. Department of Rural Development You can contact at

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