UP Weather Today: Winter will suddenly increase in UP in the next 48 hours, know the latest updates from the Met Office.

Today’s UP Weather Update: Winter may increase suddenly in next 48 hours in Uttar Pradesh. Temperatures will drop rapidly during this period. Western depression will have a pronounced effect. Meteorological Department Lucknow Center has predicted dry weather in the state for the next three days. The minimum temperature will increase due to the effect of clouds in the sky on Monday, October 23. However, after Monday, as the clouds will disappear, mild cold will be felt during the day. Due to the increase in humidity in the environment, people will start feeling cold even during the day. Weather will remain dry across the state and no warning has been issued. Farmer Rs Bringing you complete updates and most accurate weather forecast of UP. (weather forecast) That too with details.

Atul Kumar Singh, senior scientist at Lucknow Meteorological Centre, said that in the last 24 hours, the cold has hit the entire state hard. The temperature has also dropped due to cold air. Currently, the maximum and minimum temperatures will remain the same till Monday. The weather is likely to change again from Monday. That means the temperature may drop by one to two degrees Celsius. Weather is currently being monitored. According to the Lucknow Meteorological Centre, the maximum temperature in Lucknow today is expected to be around 30 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature is expected to be around 19 degrees Celsius. The temperature may drop by one to two degrees Celsius from today. Weather is currently being monitored.

What will the weather be like until October?

The Meteorological Department of Uttar Pradesh has said that the effect of light clouds will be seen in the sky in the morning and at night. Due to this the dew fall will be affected. This will increase the minimum temperature. The weather will change from Monday. Minimum temperature increased slightly due to activation of Western Disturbance. As it ends, the temperature will start to drop and the cold will increase. Towards the end of October fog will begin to appear at night and dew drops will fall in the morning. From October 30, night and morning temperatures will decrease.

Weather will be clear in Lucknow

The sky is expected to be completely clear during Dussehra in Lucknow. Sunny during the day and cold at night. The maximum and minimum temperature of the day can be 31 degrees and 18 degrees. On the other hand, Noida and Ghaziabad are also expected to remain dry. Pollution can increase if the wind stops.

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Both cities are expected to see a maximum temperature of 31 degrees Celsius and a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. The weather from Varanasi to Gorakhpur is going to be such that dryness will persist and its effects will also be visible. The maximum temperature is expected to be 32 degree Celsius in all the districts of Purbachal. The maximum temperature in Gorakhpur today may be 30 degrees.

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