UP’s first sheep-goat breeding training center opened in Etawah, farmers will get this special benefit

In line with the government’s push to increase farmers’ income, the Department of Animal Husbandry has opened Uttar Pradesh’s first sheep-goat training center at Etawah to increase farmers’ income and ensure that there is no shortage. Of any kind. Apart from providing free accommodation and food at this training centre, they are being taken to training camps in Etawah and Mathura. In the first batch of 40 farmers, 10 farmers joined from Etawah district and 30 farmers joined from various districts of the state including Gorakhpur, Hardoi, Balrampur, Orai, Rae Bareli, Lakhimpur, Amethi, Ambedkar Nagar, Sonbhadra, Gonda.

All these farmers are training in sheep and goat rearing for more milk production and making other farmers in their area aware of sheep and goat rearing.

Sheep and goats are more beneficial than cows and buffaloes!

It is believed that goat milk contains more nutrients for health and disease fighting than cow and buffalo milk. Besides, their meat is also used for sale. If you buy small kids and sell them after two-three years, you get many times the profit which is not possible in buffalo and cow. Barbary, Yamunapari and Black Goat breeds have been included for training. Anup Kumar, a farmer who came for training from Gonda, said that after Etawah, he also got training from Mathura.

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Their number will increase in the coming days

In the coming days, the number of sheep and goats will increase to 28 percent. Where proportionally only one percent of buffaloes and cows are left. This will be the best source of income for unemployed farmers in future. Its meat is also sold at high prices and if people are sick, milk is also sold for up to Tk 500 per litre. Those who are unemployed and want to do business at low cost can rear sheep and goats. The training provides information on disease treatment, what to feed and how to increase milk production. Ajit Kumar Singh, a resident of Gorakhpur, said he received training from Mathura. He understands everything from research to diagnosis of all breeds of goats.

Five days of training will be provided

Five days long training program is going on. This is a beneficial project for farmers in future. It will also remove the unemployment of farmers. Black Bengal and Barbary, Zakharana goats have been seen in Jamunapara of Etawah and Gorakhpur.

First training center for farmers opened

Additional Director from Kanpur Division R.N. Singh said the first departmental training center for farmers has been opened in the animal husbandry department. The awareness program we are running is different from the old method. Its certificate will also be useful for bank loans which will lend as experience. Insurance claims and banking systems are also explained in our training. So that farmers do not have any problem in taking loans. We will be able to do AI in goats which till now is done only in cows and buffaloes. Barbari, Betal, Jamunapari are notable, Black Bengal is also included, which needs to be conserved and propagated.

Goat milk is useful in these diseases

Along with goat milk which is beneficial for Chikungunya, we should open outlets and teach the process of making paneer, paneer, peda. Goat milk is most beneficial for increasing platelets in dengue disease. Heart patients also benefit from it. Just as people complain that goat’s milk has a smell, it is also being trained not to smell. Goat milk is more beneficial than cow or buffalo milk from medicinal point of view. Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Manoj Gupta, who is also the principal of the training centre, said that the sheep are trained in disease resistance from their formation in animal husbandry. Training is also being provided through LDM, so that farmers do not face any problem in taking loans.

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