Varieties of Wheat: Farmers can sow this variety of wheat for higher yield, profit, increase in income.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is continuously working to increase farmers’ income. With the hard work of scientists, many varieties are being prepared for the farmers through their experiments every day. To help farmers increase their income. Wheat is the major crop grown and consumed in India. Because of this, farmers cultivate wheat in more areas. There are many varieties specially developed for high yield under such conditions. Among these, the best and oldest variety is SW-23. In such a situation, let’s know the details about this variety of wheat.

SW-23 wheat variety is a wheat variety of Syngenta Seeds India Limited. It is a medium length wheat variety. Its length is about 95 cm. Bud burst is more common in this variety of wheat. The stem of this variety of wheat is strong, which makes it resistant to fall.

This breed fights many diseases

This variety is tolerant to yellow rust, white rust and brown rust. This variety gives good yield to farmers at low cost. This variety of wheat takes about 125 to 135 days to mature. This variety can yield more or less in different climates.

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When to sow this variety

You can sow this variety of wheat till November 20. Because this variety is frost tolerant. Hence it ripens before the hot winds of March and gives good yield to the farmers.

Average yield of wheat of SW-23 variety

The yield of this variety of wheat ranges from 28 to 32 quintals per acre. This variety is prepared for intensive areas. Therefore, different results of such production are seen in accumulated and non-accumulated areas.

SW-23 wheat seed price

You can easily get 1200 to 1300 rupees per 20 kg bag of this variety of wheat. You can buy seeds of this variety from your nearest seed dealer.

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