Billy Ray Cyrus And Tish Cyrus

Jun 17 2022 Billy Ray Cyrus And Tish Cyrus Jigyasa Kakwani

​Marie Osmond “I Believe In My Daughter’S Civil Rights As A Mother” Said Marie Osmond About Her Lesbian Daughter Jessica In 2013. Twitter

Cynthia Nixon “I Was Kind Of Shocked At What A Non-Event It Was Which Is Just How Far We’Ve Come In Such A Short Amount Of Time I’M Very Proud Of Him": Cynthia Nixon On Her Son Seph Coming Out As Transgender. Twitter

​Alec Baldwin As My Daughter Said To Me Because She Had A Girlfriend For A While She Said To Me ‘You Don’T Sleep With A Man Or A Woman. You Sleep With The Person. I’M Attracted To That Person” Said The Hollywood Actor About His Daughter. Twitter

Annette Bening And Warren Beatty “He’S An Articulate Thoughtful Person And I’M Very Very Proud Of Hims” Said Annette Bening About His Son Stephen Ira. Twitter

​Khary Payton “My Son Karter You See He Was Born Female But Has Always Identified As A Boy. He Thought It Would Be Cool If I Announced It On Social Media. I Told Him That There Would Be So Many Supporters But Also A Lot Of Jerks Who Would Be Harsh And He Said Daddy We Can Handle Trolls” Said The Hollywood Star. Twitter

​Sade “Thank You For Staying By My Side These Past 6 Months Mumma” Sade’S Transgender Son Izaak Wrote On In 2019 In A Thank You Note For His Mother. Twitter

​Sally Field “As Long As I Am Upright I Will Fight That Sam And Everyone’S Children And Brothers Will Be Protected In Every State Of The United States” Said Sally Field About Her Son Sam Greisman Who Is Gay Twitter