Weekly Horoscope 2023 Pisces Weekly Horoscope Aries 30 October to 05 November 2023 Know Lucky Zodiac Signs

Weekly Horoscope 30 October- 05 November 2023: For Libra natives, this week will increase their income and give them an opportunity to complete their work, while there will be some happy news from the children. How will this whole week of 12 zodiac signs be, know the weekly horoscope from astrologer Dr. Anees Vyas (Weekly Horoscope).

This week, efforts will be made to provide basic facilities and improve them in terms of work and livelihood. But opposition teams will give you tough competition somewhere in the first part of this week. Working in a private or government job will create some tension between the officials concerned. Therefore, do not weaken your intellectual abilities, but this week will give mixed results in terms of health. very possible You may experience respiratory pain or body fatigue. However, you will be successful in finalizing a land or property purchase by the middle of this week. If you are associated with film, producer, sportsperson and information communication field, there will be some high level of respect. In a love relationship, there will be a state of love and affection between the partners. There will be a possibility of more financial gains this week. In the last days of the week, you can visit a special relative.

Remedy – Offer Modaka to Lord Ganesha.

This week, Taurus natives will continue to climb the pinnacle of success in their respective political and social lives. If you are a business operator at home and abroad, you will definitely be successful this week. From the beginning of this week, you can go on any trip or stay or visit God. Normal career will go well. Also you will be happy due to good harmony among family members. However, this week there will be a possibility of mixed results in terms of health. That means pain will be experienced. In the middle of the week you will get consent from your parents for any special work. However, there will be a possibility of conflict between the elder siblings of the house. But towards the end of the week, the movement of planets will again give auspicious and positive results. As a result, the desired level of profit in the respective sector will increase. There will be moments of love in a love relationship.

Remedy – Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

This week, Gemini natives will continue to create a positive atmosphere at home and family and be successful in accumulating wealth. Therefore, if you persevere in your efforts, you will surely succeed. If you work in the private or public sector, you will have additional responsibilities to handle certain tasks. There will be opportunities for capital investment and profit abroad. But in terms of health, the first part of this week will be somewhat weak. So take necessary yogasana as well as necessary treatment, the transit of planets from the second part of this week will give opportunities for good progress in political and personal life. There will be an auspicious and positive atmosphere in the family. This week’s planetary transit will inspire you to do some religious work. Also, the opposition parties may create trouble in the latter part of the week. So be careful.

Solution – Add flour to fish.

This week Cancer natives will be successful in beautifying their health and continuously boosting their immune system. You will reap the full benefits of your efforts. Efforts to improve marital life will yield good results. That means this week’s transit will be good for health. The happiness of the courtyard of the house will also increase. However, mid-week land and building matters need more urgency for success. Therefore, strive with maximum effort, as the transit of the planets will give the opposite side an opportunity to be vocal. However, in the last days of this week, you will be successful in overcoming obstacles in related work and business. In such a situation, there will be a situation of good coordination with the family members. This week you will perform some religious work.

Remedy – Visit Lord Shiva.

This week, Leo natives will definitely be successful in the field of livelihood, be it in the field of film production and industry or keeping the industrial sector moving. However, the effort will continue to increase expenditure levels in some cases. Because the movement of planets in the first part of this week will cause some damage to health. Therefore, it would be better not to neglect useful exercises in addition to boosting your immune system. However, planetary transits from this week will invite you back to your abode and give you a chance to spend some time at home. Therefore, if you make your efforts wholeheartedly, you will surely succeed. If you are eligible for marriage, a favorable life partner will indicate you to get married. You will be successful in buying land and buildings in the third part of the week.

Remedy – Feed the birds.

the virgin
This week, Virgo natives will be blessed with opportunities for desired advancement in the respective studies and teaching. If you are involved in any competitive exams, this week’s planetary transit will definitely give you a chance to succeed. So it would be better not to hesitate to continue the good efforts in the field of film and music. This week will also be good in love relationships. Due to which the initiative to give favorable things to the partner will survive. Some happy and good news will come from children. However, in the middle of this week, you will have to go to a distant place to get some work done. Spending levels will continue to rise. This week will generally give mixed results for health. The last days of the week will give good progress in improving your health.

Remedy – Visit Lord Ganesha.

This week will provide opportunities for promotion in related fields of management, study and teaching for Libra natives and natives. There will be good opportunity to coordinate between the officials concerned and complete the plan within the stipulated time. Therefore, make your efforts with all your heart, there will be happiness and honor in home and family. However, transiting planets will create opposition and tension in love affairs. Therefore, assimilate the order of understanding with full vigor, otherwise a situation of loss will arise. At the same time, in the latter part of the week, the transit of related planets will again increase income and provide an opportunity to get work done. If you are a high ranking official. Hence, funds will continue to be received from the respective departments to fulfill the desired schemes. Some happy news will come from children. Health will be weak during the last days of the week.

Remedy – Visit Lord Hanuman.

This week will be very important for the implementation of plans related to the Scorpio natives. In such a situation, your morale will be high in completing the related work. Be it in political life or economic field, there must be conditions for success. There is a possibility of going on a religious or business trip this week. Today will be a good day for home and family. This week we will try to complete some religious and business work. This week will be favorable for work and business. If you are looking for a job, you will definitely succeed. Because planetary changes will be favorable and positive. However, some children will have problems due to stubbornness on the part of the children. Your income will increase from the latter part of this week. Overall, this week will give desired results.

Remedy – Offer Durba to Lord Ganesha.

This week will be profitable for Sagittarius people and investors in related fields. A few minor issues this week will definitely create a profit situation. So you have to try hard. From the first part of this week, there will be a situation of running somewhere. But the cost level will increase somewhere. In terms of health, this week will be somewhat weak. So do not neglect to take necessary treatment. However, there will be opportunities for good progress in work and business related work in the middle of the week. It is quite possible that you will have to go on a long and profitable journey. This week’s planetary transit will give promotion in the concerned private and public sector. This means there will be a majority of good results overall this week.

Remedy – Visit Lord Shiva.

Planetary transit this week will give good progress in livelihood. Be it private or public sector, desired and positive results will be obtained. If you invest capital somewhere, you will get moderate profit this week. Good and positive results will be obtained in home and family. There will be moments of laughter and joy in the arena of married life. However, in the second half of the week there will be a situation of additional expenses in the respective fields. In terms of health, most of this week will be somewhat weak. So it will be better to pay full attention to the diet. Planetary transits this week will indicate travel and relocation most of the time. In relation to love, there will be tension between the partners on some issues. However, in the latter part of this week, you will be ready to do some religious work at home and family.

Remedy – Read Crisis Relief.

This week, Aquarius natives will get a chance to upgrade their work and business and strengthen their financial base. Therefore, it will be good if you make sincere efforts. Because weekly transit will increase profit somewhere. It is very possible that you may have to go to distant places to meet relatives. If you are an investor in information communication, energy and construction sectors, this week will have mixed results. But there are signs of a dividend hike this week. Therefore, strive with all your heart, as this week’s transit will not be very favorable in terms of health. Therefore, we will continue to focus on a balanced daily routine. Then it will be good. In the middle of the week there will be harmony in love relationships. But the end of the week will be spent.

Remedy – feed the girl.

This week, Pisces natives will be successful in their endeavors to achieve high levels of success in the fields of film, art and music. Because the movement of planets in respective houses will be auspicious and positive. If you are involved in any sport or competition, there will definitely be chances of success. In terms of love relationships, good results will be obtained from the beginning of this week. Efforts to persuade them are likely to succeed. Happy news of son and daughter will come. A strong opportunity to strengthen economic aspects will come in the middle of the week. You may visit a special relative this week. However, in the last days of the week, there will be an opportunity to increase work and business again. There will be an end to ongoing differences in married life. And a situation of mutual harmony will be created.

Remedy – Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

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