What is the ‘October heat’ that has worried the whole of Maharashtra, is the first time the mercury has risen so much

Mumbai recorded a maximum temperature of 36.4 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, the highest temperature so far in the month of October this year. India Meteorological Department (IMD) informed. IMD scientist Sushma Nair said, “This is the highest temperature recorded in October this season. Rising temperatures have added to the suffering of people. High temperature and high humidity levels have added to the suffering of people in the metropolis.” People’s suffering has increased especially during the day.

Mumbai recorded a temperature of 36.4 degrees Celsius, according to data from IMD’s Santa Cruz office. On the other hand, the Colaba Observatory, which monitors temperature and other meteorological parameters for the surrounding islands, recorded a maximum temperature of 33.2 degrees Celsius. IMD informed this information. However, the temperature and humidity are increasing and people are panicking.

The highest temperature was in 2015

IMD scientist Sushma Nair said the hottest day in October was October 17, 2015, when the mercury reached 38.6 degrees Celsius. Compared to that year, the temperature is slightly lower. From October to November the weather in the country is heading towards dry season. Even as the night temperature increases, the day temperature increases. Due to this, human suffering is increasing.

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What’s the October hit?

The heat of October is called ‘October heat’ in the Indian subcontinent. October and November are often hotter, when the monsoons leave a little earlier and the weather is clear. According to meteorologists, this effect is also being seen due to the weakening of southwesterly winds. Especially from North India, Monsoon disappears completely during this season. Its departure deadline is 30th September.

Why is October hot?

It is hot in the beginning of October and a bit more this time due to the early departure of the monsoons. This is because during the day there is often intense sunlight and heat rises, while at night the temperature suddenly drops.

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