What was the purpose of Sri Anna Mohotsav organized by Yogi Sarkar last month?

Government of Uttar Pradesh organized Shri Anna Mohotsav from October 27 to 29, 2023. The three-day event was organized at the Jupiter Hall of the Indira Gandhi Institute in the state. It honors farmers who have made significant contributions to millet production. To raise awareness about millets and the benefits of their cultivation, the Uttar Pradesh government organized Shree Anna Mahotsav. The main objective of this program was to encourage the consumption of millet and to recognize the efforts of progressive farmers who have contributed significantly to millet production. Also, the event held just before Krishi Kumbh was inaugurated by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Sri Anna Mohotsav was a state level event. Farmers from different categories came together to share their experiences and knowledge. Six categories on the opening day Farmers are cultivating millet and gather cost negotiations. Farmers from five categories will participate on the second day. Also on the last day farmers from seven divisions participated in the programme. In all, fifty progressive farmers from each category were part of the exercise.

What is the main purpose of Sri Anna Mohotsav?

The main objective of Sri Anna Mohotsav within the state Millet cultivation and creating awareness about consumption among both general public and farmers. It is noteworthy that millets are making their own place around the world for their many health benefits and their role in sustainable agriculture. To further promote millet, around 40 stalls of various millet-based food products were set up during the event. It gave the attendees an opportunity to taste and appreciate various dishes made from millet.

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Farmers will also be honored

Besides promoting awareness about millet, the state government also announced a scheme to honor farmers who have contributed significantly to millet production. Its objective is to provide more farmers Millet cultivation To create awareness about it and encourage its adoption across the state.

Sustainable agriculture will be promoted

Sri Anna Mohotsav is not just a festival of millet, but an exercise in making it a major part of the agricultural landscape of Uttar Pradesh. Government can start millet revolution by involving farmers in this campaign. Along with promoting sustainable agriculture, its use will also greatly improve the health and nutrition of citizens.

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