Why is a corner of the mobile SIM card cut? The story is quite interesting

Interesting Facts about Mobile SIM Cards: Have you ever wondered why a corner of a mobile phone’s SIM card is cut off? Not only that, the mobile also has a cut in the slot to insert the SIM card, but why, let us tell you… The full form of SIM is Subscriber Identity Module or Subscriber Identification Module. It is an integrated circuit, which manages the operating system (OS) of the mobile. It stores the International Mobile Customer Identification (IMCI) number and related information. Its width is 25 mm, length is 15 mm, thickness is 0.76 mm.

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Due to which a corner of the seam is cut.

In fact, the main reason for applying cuts to mobile SIM cards is to strike the right balance between SIM card contacts and card holder PINs. The PIN number of the SIM card must correspond to the corresponding PIN of a mobile phone. A cut is made inside the mobile phone to keep the SIM in the right place. The SIM is designed to detect whether the SIM is upside down or upright. If people insert the SIM upside down, there is a risk of damaging the chip. Apart from this, the size of the SIM card has also changed. These days, most phones use smaller SIMs, which can be called mini micro chips.

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The signal comes only from the chip installed in the SIM

The SIM card uses gold, which keeps it secure. Oxidized silver is also used in SIM. Due to this, the SIM card and its memory chip continue to work without any errors for a long time. Due to the chip embedded in the SIM card, the mobile phone receives a signal, with the help of which we can send messages or make calls. Run the Internet. Home address, bank account number, doctor’s name are not stored in the SIM card, but if you have sent this information to someone in SMS or shared the mobile number with the name in the contact list, all these are stored in the SIM card. Also. goes

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Anything deleted from the phone is stored on the SIM.

If the user deletes an SMS and thinks that it is completely deleted, it is wrong. Deleting an SMS means that it can no longer be viewed or read, but it will remain stored on the SIM card until it is overwritten with new data. SIM card stores call history including contact list, number, name, day and time. For this reason, the criminal’s SIM card is used to trace him. Also, the phone’s last location is also stored on the SIM card, which is mostly used to locate missing persons.

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