Yaaryan 2 Box Office Collection Day 5 Divya Khosla Kumar Pearl V Puri Movie Earns 36 Lakhs in India

Yaariyan 2 Box Office Collection Day 5: Divya Khosla Kumar was seen on the big screen after a long time. His film Yaariyan 2 released in theaters last week. The condition of the film is bad from the first day. The budget of the film is around 50 crores and it did not earn crores in a day. Let alone meeting the budget of Yaryan 2, earning even Rs 5 crore is becoming difficult. The makers are coming up with offers for the film so that people go to the theaters to watch it but still people are not liking it. The film did not make much money despite the Dussehra holiday on the fifth day.

Yaariyan 2 is an emotional film. Not everyone likes to see it. While the first part proved to be a hit, the second part fared poorly. Let’s talk about the photo collection.

So much was collected on the fifth day

  • Yaariyan 2 is the story of Divya Khosla Kumar, Meezan Jaffrey and Pearl V Puri. Talking about the collection of the film, as per Saknilk reports, it collected Rs 36 lakh on the fifth day. After which the total collection was Rs.2.27 crore.
  • Yaariyan 2 collected Rs 50 lakhs on the first day, Rs 55 lakhs on the second day, Rs 55 lakhs on the third day and Rs 30 lakhs on the fourth day.

Talking about Yaariyan 2, it is the story of three cousins ​​who face problems in their lives due to one reason or another and all three come together to solve each other’s problems. All these emotional dramas are shown in the film.

Yaariyan 2 is directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru. Along with Divya Khosla Kumar, Meezan Jaffrey, Pearl V Puri, Yashdas Gupta, Priya Prakash Varrier, Answara Rajan are seen in important roles in the film.

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