Yellow mosaic virus has caused huge damage to papaya crops in Maharashtra

For your information, we tell you that Nandurbar district is considered as the largest papaya producing district in Maharashtra. More than 3,000 hectares of papaya plantations here are affected by this virus. It has wasted the efforts of farmers and the cost of lakhs of rupees. Farmers have sought compensation from the government.

Outbreak of yellow mosaic virus after destruction of soybean crop Papaya Cultivation But it is visible. Due to this, papaya farmers are in extreme trouble. In Nandurbar district alone, more than 3,000 hectares of papaya plantations have been affected by this virus, due to which farmers have lost their efforts and cost millions of rupees. Mosaic virus is seen to have destroyed the papaya crop followed by soybean in several districts of Maharashtra, including Nandurbar district. Many papaya plantations in the district are on the verge of destruction due to mosaic virus.

The government helped soybean farmers affected by the mosaic virus.

State Govt. due to mosaic virus Soybean He promised to help the affected farmers. At present papaya farmers are also expecting the support of the government. Maharashtra is a major fruit producing state. However, the problems of those who cultivate do not show signs of abating. Farmers did not get any special price for grapes this year. Orange prices fell as exports suffered due to Bangladesh policies. Nature is now jumping on the papaya.

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What are the problems in papaya farming?

Due to the viral disease of papaya, the leaves of the plant fall rapidly. The upper leaves are shriveled, due to which the fruits are damaged by sunlight. Traders are not willing to buy such fruit, more than three thousand hectares of papaya in the district have been found to be infected with this mosaic virus. However, farmers are taking various measures to control it. But the papaya crisis does not seem to be over. Therefore, the farmers demanded that the district should be declared drought and immediate assistance should be given to all the farmers.

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A papaya research center should be established

Nandurbar district is considered as the largest papaya producing district in Maharashtra. Every year the papaya crop is affected by various diseases. But, there is no papaya research center in the state to conduct research on papaya. For this reason, it is important for the central and state governments to set up a papaya research center at Nandurbar and research and control various diseases affecting papaya, so that the efforts of the farmers do not go in vain.

What are the symptoms of yellow mosaic disease?

Yellow mosaic disease mainly occurs in soybeans. Due to this, yellow spots appear near the main veins of the leaves. These yellow spots appear in scattered form. As the leaves mature, brown spots begin to appear on them. Sometimes heavy infestations cause the leaves to shrivel and dry up. Due to this the production is suffering.

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Yellow mosaic disease prevention solutions

To eradicate yellow mosaic disease completely, the Department of Agriculture has suggested uprooting diseased trees and burying them in the ground or placing blue and yellow nets. Due to this disease, productivity decreases from 30 to 90 percent. For this reason, the agriculture department has called upon the farmers to take precautions in time.

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