You can buy 400 shares of a battery manufacturing company for Rs 18 and it will go up to Rs 120 – share price

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the price of a stock which is very expensive in the market. If we tell you the price of that share, it is around 18 rupees.

The stock that we are going to tell you about today is currently in the news on social media and this stock is getting a lot of buzz everywhere because this stock is loved by many people.

Goldstar Power Ltd Share Price

This company recently manufactures batteries and also manufactures other battery components. This company was established in 1999. Since 1990, this company has very good executives and has been in the news a lot. The recent market value of this company is Rs 453 crore and its share price is currently very low, it is only Rs 18.

This company has acquired a lot of properties so far and it also has stocks of properties acquired by it. If we tell you, this company has reserves of more than 4 crore rupees and assets of more than 28 crore rupees. 13 crores of liabilities and this company also has a debt of Rs 13 crores, which the company is gradually repaying.

If we talk about the future of this company, we can tell you that the way the company is growing continuously, we can say that its future is pretty good. This company made a profit of ₹ 450% so it grew a lot and gave more than 16% return to its customers.

The full name of this company is Gold Star Power Limited Company. This company has been doing well for a long time. Due to this work this company also gets good profit every year. This company earns Rs.200. of its total cost per year. It easily earns 300 crore rupees, because of this, this company has just registered its shares in Mumbai stock, which is recently priced at 18 rupees and in future, this company will give you a price. Profit more than Rs.450. Due to which you can easily increase your money 8 to 10 times from here.

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