Youtube has rolled out many amazing features, you will even be able to search for songs by humming them.

YouTube New Features 2023: YouTube has recently introduced several exciting new features to its mobile app which were earlier restricted to premium users only. The video-sharing platform has also introduced a new ‘You’ tab that joins the existing ‘Library’ tab and Account page. The company said in a blog post that the account page and library tab have been merged, so that now users can enjoy all the content in one place.

The new ‘You’ tab replaces the ‘Library’ tab that appears in the lower right corner of the navigation bar. YouTube has also made some changes to the ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ buttons, which now light up when tapped and feature a fancy sparkling animation. Let’s know about all the features in detail.


YouTube has introduced a new lock screen feature for its users that protects you from accidental taps. This feature, now available on both mobiles and tablets, can be used to prevent accidental taps and swipes during video playback.

To lock the screen, go to the video you want to watch, press the gear icon at the top right and tap ‘Screen Lock’. Unlocking is quite easy as the lock icon can be made visible by tapping anywhere on the screen.

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You will be able to search songs by humming them

This feature is by far the coolest feature that has been rolled out with the new update. Under this, users can now search by humming any song. The company is using AI for this.

Stable volume

As the name suggests, the ‘Stable Volume’ feature helps users automatically balance the sound in videos. This can be very helpful if the volume of a video is high. Google says it will be on by default, but it may take a while to show up on your phone.

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