Zomato will offer pregnancy insurance to female delivery partners, so much more coverage will be available

Zomato: Food delivery aggregator Zomato has launched a new service for its female delivery partners Zomato has launched a maternity insurance plan for its female maternity partners. This initiative by Zomato aims to provide better environment and necessary support during pregnancy to female delivery partners. This is the first such attempt in the industry.

These women workers will get benefits

Pregnancy related expenses will be covered through the company’s insurance plan. This will also include the cost of delivery and any issues related to it. Food distribution company has partnered with ACKO to offer maternity insurance coverage. Female delivery partners who have completed 1,000 deliveries on the Zomato platform and who have been active for the last 60 days from the date of notification of the maternity insurance scheme will be considered eligible for this insurance coverage.

So much insurance coverage will be available for delivery

According to media reports, Zomato’s food delivery CEO Rakesh Ranjan said in a statement that by launching the maternity insurance scheme for women employees, we aim to provide additional support to our partners during pregnancy. It will be very useful for them. They will get financial help. This insurance scheme started with Rs 25,000 for normal delivery, Rs 40,000 for C-section birth and abortion and other services. Earlier Zomato also launched services like medical coverage, ambulance services, accident insurance etc. for its delivery partners.

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